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Fullerton Conservatorship Attorneys

Explore the Ways You Can Manage Your Loved One’s Affairs

Since 2003, OC Elder Law has been serving senior citizens and their loved ones in Orange County. Because we focus solely on elder law, we have a leg up over other firms that may offer elder law services as only a portion of their practice.

This area of the law is our greatest passion – we sincerely want to help people in our community thrive in their golden years. Your family is in good hands at OC Elder Law.

As a person ages, they often lose the mental capacity to make wise, informed decisions about their finances or their day-to-day responsibilities. Though adults are generally assumed to be capable of managing their own affairs, some adults prove unable to do so. In these situations, it may be necessary to establish a conservatorship.

At OC Elder Law, our team understands California’s and Washington’s laws governing conservatorships and can help you understand whether this is the right arrangement for your unique situation. Our Fullerton and Bellevue conservatorship attorneys offer personalized representation to clients looking for a way to protect their elderly or incapacitated family member’s rights and interests.

Call (888) 493-5088 or book your free 15-minute virtual consultation to learn more about conservatorships and see if this is the right arrangement for you.

What Is a Conservatorship?

A conservatorship is a legal arrangement that gives one person the responsibility of caring for an adult who can no longer care for themselves. A conservator has the right to make decisions about the impaired conservatee’s finances and personal care.

Conservatorships must be approved by a judge who deems the adult impaired and the arrangement necessary. A conservatorship is often necessary when a mentally incapacitated or elderly person has not made prior arrangements for their care, such as through a power of attorney.

How To Get Conservatorship in CA

  • Step 1: Gather the needed information to fill out forms
  • Step 2: Fill out the forms
  • Step 3: File your forms with your nearest court
  • Step 4: Get a hearing date and case number
  • Step 5: Serve your forms
  • Step 6: Attend the proposed conservator training class

Successfully apply for conservatorship with the assistance of a Fullerton Conservatorship Attorney, ensuring that all legal requirements and relevant documents were submitted in a timely manner.

Establish a Conservatorship to Protect Your Elderly Loved One

At OC Elder Law, we recognize that people seek conservatorships for many reasons. Whether your adult child is mentally incapacitated or your parent is exhibiting signs of dementia, a conservatorship can help you protect your loved one’s quality of life.

However, many of our conservatorship cases involve establishing conservatorships to successfully discharge adults from the hospital.

What is Conservatorship for the Elderly?

In many cases, family members seek conservatorships for their elderly parents or grandparents who cannot make medical or discharge decisions on their own. Too often, we see elderly patients stuck in hospitals they cannot sign themselves out of.

By establishing a conservatorship, an appointed conservator will have the power to sign the elderly patient out of the hospital and bring them home or to the proper care facility.

Request an initial consultation with our Fullerton and Bellevue conservatorship lawyers by calling (888) 493-5088. If you are ready to move forward with your estate planning, click here to book your 90-minute planning consultation.