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Prop 13 Protection Attorneys in Fullerton

Reduce Your Property Taxes in Fullerton, CA

Property taxes are one of the greatest burdens for homeowners and property owners in California. Luckily, Prop 13 offers protections to reduce property taxes and alleviate the burden on home and business owners. Enjoying the full benefits that Prop 13 affords requires the counsel and support of a knowledgeable attorney.

At OC Elder Law, we help families understand their rights under Prop 13 and enjoy the benefits it has to offer. Our Prop 13 protection lawyers in Fullerton are available to answer your questions and help you reduce your property tax burden.

Understand the protections afforded to you by Prop 13 by calling OC Elder Law at (888) 493-5088 or click here to book your free 15-minute virtual consultation.

What Is Prop 13?

Passed in 1978, Prop 13 protects property owners in California from escalating and unpredictable property taxes. Prop 13 effectively reduced property tax rates on homes, businesses, and farms by roughly 57%. Before Prop 13 was enacted, local agencies established their own tax rates independently. The total property tax rate was generally the composite of these individual rates.

Protections under Prop 13

At OC Elder Law, we understand how people can reduce their tax liability through strategic planning and asset transfers. We help families transfer real property assets and maintain their low property tax basis. This can save your family thousands of dollars every year for as long as you continue to own the property.

If you are thinking about selling or transferring property, we urge you to consult with our attorneys before doing so. We can help you navigate the process strategically to avoid being hit with high property taxes. Transferring property thoughtfully with the help of our Fullerton Prop 13 protection lawyers can save you substantial amounts of money.

Call (888) 493-5088 or click here to book your 90-minute planning consultationtoday to get started on your case.

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