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Fullerton Will Attorney

Providing Legal Tools for Every Age and Stage

Ensuring a financially secure future for your family is an admirable goal. Estate planning can help make this objective a reality. A professionally drafted will can detail your ultimate desires and spare your family from making distressing choices at your life’s conclusion. With explicit instructions, your loved ones can carry out your intentions and gracefully navigate the mourning process.

Established in 2003, OC Elder Law has been a trusted legal aid for seniors and their families, backed by a dedicated team with over thirty years of combined experience. Our attorneys, paralegals, and support staff work tirelessly to advocate for Orange County residents, maintaining seamless operations and strong client relations. As seasoned elder law attorneys, our firm focuses on aging challenges, aiming to reduce stress, prevent conflicts, and preserve family harmony. We assist clients in future planning, prioritizing their rights, assets, and legacy.

Your peace of mind is our goal. Call our Fullerton will attorney at OC Elder Law today at (888) 493-5088 to schedule a consultation.

What is a Will?

A will is a foundational legal document that many people overlook. It also serves as the cornerstone of estate planning. This crucial document outlines who inherits your assets and assumes guardianship of your underage children, if applicable. There’s a widespread myth suggesting that wills are exclusively for the affluent. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Regardless of your financial standing, having a well-defined blueprint of your ultimate wishes offers immense benefits to you and your family.

Understanding the Use of Wills in California Law

In California, wills are commonly used to communicate a decedent’s final wishes about the distribution of their assets after death. Wills outlines beneficiaries for your property, establishes guardianship for minor children, and even specifies your preferred funeral arrangements.

According to California law, anyone aged 18 or older and of sound mind can create a will. The state requires that the will be in writing and signed by the testator (the person making the will) and two witnesses. These witnesses must not be beneficiaries in the will to avoid a conflict of interest.

If you die without a will in California, you are considered intestate, and your estate will be distributed according to the state’s intestacy laws. This means your assets may not be divided as you would have wished, and if you have minor children and haven’t designated a guardian, the court will appoint one.

Having a well-crafted will is crucial to ensure your desires are honored and to provide clarity for your loved ones during a challenging time.

The Benefits of Dictating a Will

  • Asset Distribution: If you have assets (property, money, belongings) that you wish to distribute to specific individuals or organizations after your death, a will is necessary. Without a will, state laws will determine how your assets are divided.
  • Estate Tax Considerations: A will can help manage potential estate tax liabilities for larger estates. It allows you to plan the distribution of your estate to minimize the tax burden on your heirs.
  • Last Wishes: A will allows you to express your last wishes, such as funeral arrangements or how you want certain personal items handled.
  • Business Succession: If you own a business, a will enables you to dictate who will take over the company upon your death, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Avoiding Family Disputes: By clearly stating your intentions in a will, you can help prevent potential disputes among family members regarding the distribution of your assets.
  • Charitable Contributions: If you wish to leave a portion of your estate to a charity or cause you care about, you can specify this in your will.
  • Pet Care: In your will, you can even designate a caretaker for your pets and provide funds for their care.

Remember, wills are for everyone who has built a life for themselves. If you have possessions and loved ones you’d like to leave these assets to, your wishes can be clearly defined in a will.

Estate Planning Professionals You Can Trust

Wills provide many benefits as they can be used to reduce confusion and disagreement when settling an estate. The Fullerton will attorney at OC Elder Law can help finalize your estate planning documents to ensure your wishes are known. When you’re ready to secure your loved ones’ future, contact OC Elder Law today to schedule a consultation.

Schedule a consultation with our Fullerton will attorney at OC Elder Law today by calling (888) 493-5088 or reaching out online.

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